Our firm is a Russian member of DFK International, a Top 10 international association of independent accounting firms and business advisers. The association has been meeting the needs of clients with interests in more than one country for nearly 50 years. The partners in its member firms share:

Enthusiasm for fully understanding client objectives and delivering effective advice

Dedication to providing personal and timely services through experienced advisers

Commitment to achieving consistent professional and ethical standards

Each DFK member is an independent legal entity in its own country.

A grouping of members who include DFK in their firm's name are classified as network firms in accordance with EU and IFAC requirements. Member firms that do not include DFK in their firm's name are not network firms and belong to the association as either Full or Correspondent Members.

DFK International has global coverage and operates with international, regional and national level organisations.

DFK is managed at the international level by an Executive Director, who is responsible to the Board of Directors for the day-to-day operation of the association. DFK International creates special value for clients with cross-border interests by helping DFK member firms cooperate across the world to deliver international services on time and at a competitive cost.

To provide a regional focus and support cross-boarder activities at the regional level, member firms are gouped into three regions. Each region is represented at Board level by a Regional Vice-President. The three regions are:

The Americas

Asia Pacific

Europe, Middle East & Africa

In countries where DFK is represented by more than four member firms, firms form National Groups that work together in effective cooperation to deliver high quality services nationally and internationally. Clients benefit from members' sharing of practice management information and technical expertise at DFK conferences, seminars, specialist committees, user groups and training.

Executive Office
DFK International
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